in the last 50 years that the weather decided to turn really bad.  It snowed like 20 inches the night before my appointment.  The roads were closed and my opportunity disappeared. 

     I vowed that if I ever got out of eastern Kentucky with ART still on my mind, I would go back and find that raw talent that lingers there, wishing, like I had, for an opportunity to do something with their art.  So this opportunity offered to me last September was the ticket I was waiting for!  I began by running an ad in the Pikeville newspaper and giving my e-mail address as a contact for any artist interested in participating in an exhibit that was to take place in the late winter/early spring of 2017.  Response was slow, at best.  I guess folks were not used to seeing a 'call for artists' in the newspaper, but as the weeks rolled on, with a little investigation, I began finding what I was looking for; some very talented artists looking for an outlet for their work.  Long story short, I gathered 10 artists, as well as myself, together to form what we decided to call "Kentucky Roots" Art Exhibit.  They came from as far east as Pikeville, KY, to as far west as Wilmore, KY, and their media ranges from 2-D painting to photography to wood-turning and even beadwork!  Their names are as follows:

                                     Lloyd Alvis Agee, Richmond - 2-D Oil painting

                                     Tammie Bartlett, Paris - 2-D, Multi-media

                                     David Coffey, Monticello - 2-D Acrylic and oil painting

                                     Linda & Jack Fifield, Berea - Wooden vessels and Beadwork

                                     Janice Miller, Wilmore - 2-D painting, Folk Art

                                     James Perkins, Monticello - 2-D painting, Wildlife

                                     Walt Roycraft, Nicholasville - Photography

                                     Paula Smith, Pikeville - 2-D Watercolors mixed with Coal Dust

                                     Jennifer Stanley, Waco - 2-D Acrylic Painting, Portraits and Landscapes

                                     Tom Whitaker, Salyersville - 2-D Watercolor painting


     Some of the artists have formal training but most are self-taught.  March 17th was Gallery Hop night in downtown Lexington and a good time was had by ALL at the Cathedral!  Lots of people showed up to see the art and talk to the artists and also enjoy a delicious meal prepared in the kitchen at the church.  If you didn't get to come last night, the exhibit will hang until April 28th.  Drop by Monday thru Fridays, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. 

     All in all, a very positive experience and when this exhibit ends, I hope for another opportunity to curate another exhibit soon!

   p.s.  The artwork on the above poster is a piece I painted called "The Talk".  I was honored the church chose this piece to use on their advertising!

   In September 2016 I was approached by the Director of Christ Church Cathedral and asked if I would like to be a part of a 5 or 6-Artist exhibit, each artist showing 6 or more pieces of his own work.  I eagerly said yes.  Then later, the director got back with me and asked if I would like to 'curate' that exhibit.  Honestly, I didn't know what was involved in curating an exhibit until he explained how things worked.  I thought about it and figured that, yes, that sounds like something I could do.  So I was entering a whole new adventure in the arts...I set about searching for artists.

    Growing up in eastern Kentucky, artist opportunities were few and far between.  I can remember poring over newspapers, looking for a 'search for artists' or anything artistic that I could possibly get involved in.  There was never anything.  Wait....I take that back.  Once there was a call for artists by a local publication, looking for artwork to put in their monthly magazine.  I made a contact and was set to take my work to Jenny Wiley Lodge in Prestonsburg one morning in April to submit my work for their consideration.  As it happened, that's the only day in April

The opportunity to curate the Kentucky Roots exhibit was a good way to start off 2017!

Jenny's studio

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