Jenny's studio

"Fish House" - 24" x 12"

  Commissioned piece

                                                    How much does it COST?

Ask any artist and they'll tell you that pricing their work is one of the most difficult things they do in their business.  As a self-taught artist, I have many years of trial-and-error work on my resume.  As I became more accomplished at what I do, I adjusted my prices accordingly.  Now, saying that, some people say my prices are too high while others say they are too low.  Those who think my pricing is too low go on to thank me for the work that I do.  Some have even gone on to tell me, "You're in the wrong part of the country, you need to move!"  (haha, I don't think so!)  I say this...I try to be fair. 

Why commission a painting?

  When you decide to commission a painting, you will want to locate in a prominent place in your home, to happily share it with family and friends.  You would never want to bring in a piece that, every time you look at it you feel the urge to take it down and replace with something more pleasing to the eye.  You will want to feel content every time you look at it;  you want its presence to add to the overall comfortable atmosphere of your home.

How do I arrive at my price?

An artist wants to bring work in and stay busy doing what they love, but also must take many things into consideration.  Here are a few points to consider:

If your artist is a beginner, you, as a customer, shouldn't expect to pay much for his work.  How much time does he/she have available to devote to his craft?  Is he/she going to do this full-time or part-time?  If you are just beginning to paint and just learning your technique, then you can't charge much, if anything, for your work because you are repeatedly making mistakes.  It is not a bad thing to make mistakes, because you LEARN from each mistake you make.  But at the same time, you can't charge a higher price for that piece just because you spent so much time on it.  You must chalk all that extra time as being a "Learning Experience" and remember what you learned so you'll do better on the next piece.

     Learning to paint portraits takes years of hard work,  so now I am spending most of my time accomplishing what I have set out to do, constantly moving forward in my work to the next step.  Now it's much easier for me to estimate how much time I will be productively spending on a specific piece so it's much easier to give my customers a more accurate estimate up front.  At this point, I am much more able to produce good work without so much stress on my part. 

When choosing an artist...

Just because a person has formal training or a college degree in Art doesn't necessarily mean he/she is better a better qualified artist for the job you have in mind. You will have to make that decision according to the actual work you can see, or photos of work he has done in the past.


The following are Average Prices for standard sizes of paintings.  Of course, prices will vary according to subject and background.  All work is done on standard size stretched canvas, topped off with at least 2 coats of clear matte varnish.  I normally do not paint smaller than 11" x 14" but exceptions can be made.

                                         11" x 14"......................$250

                                         12" x 16".....................$300

                                         14" x 18".....................$400

                                         16" x 20".....................$500 - 600 

                                         18" x 24".....................$600 - 800

                                         20" x 24"......................$700 - 900

                                         22" x 28"and above.....Pricing is done

                                                on an individual basis.


*  FYI - Since I have been painting professionally, dissatisfied customers can be counted on half of one hand.  I'm pretty proud of that!


                               Thank you for your interest in my work!