Jenny's studio

 Another artist who has had a big influence on my work is Andrew Lynn, of Lynn Architectural Illustrators in Lexington, KY.  I took a job with Andrew in 1998 and began my study of blueprints and perspective charts to create architectural renderings.  Andrew's guidance, and patience, most of all, has afforded me a whole new avenue of income in my career.

   Thru the years, my techniques have changed and varied according to what I was painting.   I think anyone who has ever picked up a brush has been asked to paint signs for people, and I was no different.   Then in the 1980's my interest turned towards painting Harley-Davidson motorcycles.  I learned to start with bare metal tanks and fenders and finally finish with hand-painted murals covered in coats and coats of clear topcoat.  It was then that I learned to use a Badger 125 airbrush to produce some rather nice looking flames and effects for some very happy people! 

   Gradually I began getting more commissions for pet portraits, and then people's portraits.  Before long I moved on from customizing motorcycles and concentrated more on my current interest, which is portraiture.  So much to think about...getting the likeness being the most important thing,  then mixing the right flesh tones and getting that gradation of color from pinkish cheeks to shaded side.  So many colors going into one face...

   In 2010 I adopted two horses, a mother and daughter named Sapphire and Sierra, and had no idea how much they were going to change my life!  I had never had a horse, and suddenly there was so much to learn about them, so much I desperately NEEDED to know...So many hours of studying on the internet, all new conversations with all new friends about their care, and all the while, with all the changes that came with them, I was falling in love with these animals.  I had heard stories of that special bond that can grow from befriending a horse, but I had no idea until it happened to me.  We lost Sapphire in 2013 to complications from Asthma and COPD and Sierra, the daughter, was devastated.  We became inseparable.  I bought a new camera and began seriously pursuing that perfect shot of her, and boy did she provide!  Now I have hundreds of photos for reference and a few paintings of her, with many more to come.

   Hello!  My name is Jennifer Stanley, owner and sole artist at Jenny's Studio.  I paint with acrylics on canvas and use good quality photos as my references in my work.

   I am a self-taught artist born and raised in the coal fields of eastern Kentucky.  Like most little girls, I spent a lot of time drawing cats and dogs, horses and buffalo, eagles and flags, with my four-legged animals looking a lot like each other!  That all changed at 10 years old when I moved to a new school and their library had National Geographic magazine.  Now I had great photos to look at so I could see how to draw animals to look like they were supposed to look.  My artistic education has been a lifetime study of all the wonderful paintings that exist out did the artists use their media to create the effects they did in their paintings?  What colors were used to mix that color?  What makes the light look stronger on this side and how did they mix their paint to make that light look stronger?   No matter where I have ever gone, if there was a painting anywhere that caught my eye I would take time to study it.  

   One artist who has a strong influence on my work is famed artist, Andrew Wyeth.  I have learned to appreciate the strength of using umbers and ochres in my work to give things that rustic feel; weathered and used.  Then when you look at his portrait work, the delicate shades he used in flesh tones...well I am in awe.  Wyeth has so much more to teach me as my study continues.